Knowle West Church of God of Prophecy a Place Where Love’s Alive!

Community Outreach Week


Knowle West Church of God of Prophecy believes in reaching out beyond our four walls into the wider community to share the love of Christ. We frequently conduct outdoor services which involve both singing and preaching the Word of God. We hold gospel concerts, outdoor Sunday Services and other events in order to share the good news that Jesus is Alive!

Romans 5:10 says, “Much more, being reconciled, we shall be saved by his life.. .“ Our salvation is attributed to Christ’s blood and His resurrection life. This verse expresses the essentials of salvation:


  • Believe on Christ as Lord. (He is divine, because He is God’s Son.)
  • Believe He died for our sins. (His death was the means of atonement [forgiveness] for man’s sins.)
  • Believe He rose from the grave (a bodily resurrection, defeating death).

If, while lying dead in a tomb, Jesus still had the power to arise, “how much more may we expect that he will be able to keep us now that he is a living, exalted, and triumphant Redeemer.”